Abidjan Cã´Te D'Ivoire Intercontinental Hotel

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Upon arrival at the hotel, guests can order a Club Sandwich to be delivered to their room. After 55 years travelling the world, Mr Prince is convinced that if he can make simple club sandwiches properly, he can run a hotel in the same way.

Mr. Prince has channeled his own passions from all of this into a philosophy of international branding that is consistent with the philosophy of hotel and restaurant design that is now visible in hotels around the world and that was when he developed the concept of designing hot hotels in countries that have never had an international hotel presence before.

After completing primary and secondary schools in West Africa, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia in 1964 and his PhD in economics from 1967 to 1972. The American-style university, founded in Africa, was founded in the late 1960s, although Ouattara had not yet been introduced to Andrew Young, the founder of Notre Dame University. In his formal remarks, Mr Young recalled Felix Houphouet-Boigny, who led the country's economic growth after the end of World War II, when West Africa emerged as the fastest-growing economy in its own right. After his retirement from the military in 1967 and the subsequent election as president of his country in 1968, Dr Ousmane D'Ouattara made a remarkable career before entering politics in his homeland.

Prince is an architect by training and used his experience as an architect to expand the design. In return, he was allowed to see the InterContinental as a new source of beginning, creating new sources for the start of the local economy. In this sense, it was decided that a double capital should be created and that Abidjan, which is located on the lagoon of Ebrie, would be the economic capital. The francophile feeling in the region and what I wanted to do was make the country a symbol of African power. I didn't want it, frankly, I couldn't shake it, but I didn't want it, so we created a country with symbols of African joie de vivre.

His vision was broad, including a golf course for international competitions, a hotel with restaurant, an airport and an amphitheatre, all of which would become one of the most famous hotels in the world, the InterContinental Abidjan. All of these elements came together to build Prince's skills, which were later recognized for his ability to design hotels, restaurants and interiors. Although he was never credited with success, there is no doubt that it would have been even more unique if he had been different.

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More About Abidjan