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I recently spent several weeks eating my way around the country, doing my best to try as much of the local cuisine as possible. In this intro to Ivorian food, I have compiled a list of restaurants that I think you should visit on your next visit.

Tilapia, catfish and carp are covered in a mixture of spices, seasoned and then grilled on a charcoal grill. They are marinated in Dijon mustard and refined with a generous dash of garlic before grilling. The chicken braise is translated as braised chicken and is cooked in a similar way to poison stew, marinated in spices and then tossed on the grill for a slow cook. An oily, slimy bowl of smashed okra, lightly seasoned with an overwhelming blend of herbs and spices, might put you off.

Ripe plantains and sweet potatoes are lightly crushed and then dusted with a spicy powder and served with rice and a generous dash of garlic sauce. This very tasty and saucy braised chicken is best eaten with Attieke rice, but is a very popular dish in the evening. Walking through Abidjan after dark, you will smell the grilled chicken and notice the large sand and dirt pits where the restaurant was cooking. At the end of the night, all that remains is the spicy chicken feast and the sweet, sweet and savoury okra.

The tuna is very salty, so you have to get a good piece of attieke (tomato) to soften it. First, marinate the fish and then slowly cook on a hot grill, then add a generous dash of garlic sauce and a pinch of salt.

If you are wondering where to find excellent seafood in Abidjan, the restaurant Le Grand and Large Abidsjan is there for you. The Attieke and Okra is one of the best non-Russian treats I have eaten on this side of these islands. Here you will always introduce your new favorite carb, but the pepper may not be so nice to you and may not bring you any style points at all.

If you are interested, come to a free tasting that will blow your plate away if your company is interested. David and Michelle are very skilled in the kitchen and are begged by some very talented chefs in Abidjan, such as David's wife Michelle and her husband David.

If you are looking for a good Italian food in Abidjan, you can visit the restaurant Di Sorrento Abidsjan. The most typical maquis dishes can also be found in more established restaurants, which usually mix with the usual French and international dishes. If you are just a businessman visiting Abidjan and looking for a good restaurant, then you should definitely pay a visit. The restaurant le Mechoui Abedjan is also a good place for friends, couples and families to have an unforgettable experience. You can choose from a variety of different dishes, such as macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, pasta or even a pasta salad.

One thing that stands out is the chilli sauce added as a side dish, and the peanut sauce is a peanut stew that is a staple in much of West Africa. The national dish is fufu yam, a sticky dough in which plantains, cassava and yams are crushed and served with a vegetable sauce called kedjenou (KED - gen - ooh).

Of all the staples listed, this is probably my favourite, but you can serve almost anything and you will see it sold in your own little plastic bag, sold alone or served as an accompaniment to most dishes. Most dishes are available in Ivory Coast restaurants and some local markets. I think I just have to wait for the magical African Food Tour Guide to magically appear in my life to eat it. It's pretty damn lame African food, though I know I'll end up eating about 53% of all African meals.

We also have a beginner's guide to Abidjan for all who walk this path, be sure to read it. Alternatively, Americans wishing to travel to Côte d'Ivoire can contact our embassy in Washington, D.C. directly.

Ivory Coast residents who are ill can call 143 (101 - 125 - 119) to talk to local health authorities. Individuals in Cotes d'Ivorire call 101 (119), 125 (125) or 143 (143) in Abidjan, Abilene or Gueckedou (143) to get assistance in discussions with a local health official and the US Embassy in Ivory Coast.

US citizens who have received a COVID-19 PCR test from the US Embassy in Ivory Coast or from a local health official in Abidjan, Abilene or Gueckedou (143).

If you want to find the best restaurants in Abidjan look no further than Marrouche Abidsjan in Gueckedou, Abilene or Abagouda. If you're looking for a good restaurant with good food, good service and good prices, try Montparnasse AbIDjan. French restaurants, which offer excellent food and service in Ivory Coast and Ivory Coast, are also available. For example, if you're looking for a great dining experience in the heart of the city with a great atmosphere, great prices and a great selection of food, then the Marrouchas Abedjan restaurant is the place to be.

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More About Abidjan